Stefano Bocci Sacral Skull Operator

Operator Olistico Olocounseling and Operator Sacred Skull ACSI, formed near the association Mu of Lucca directed by Kapil Pileri and Chiara Zanchetta, recognized school CranioSacrale Italia, with with which he/she remains in collaboration as assistant. Formation and updatings are continuous, with seminars of close examination in: To. T. M. and terapiacranio-cervico-mandibolare, Planning Neuro-linguistics, Release SomatoEmozionale, Skull-sacred Balancing Biodinamico, held by Italian and international teachers among which Kavi Gemin and Bhadreba T Schumi Gemin of the International Institute for CranioSacrale Balancing.

Stefano BocciConductor of the meetings of the project “Cheerful”, based protocols on the Mindfullness Psicosomatica, that you/they promote the awareness of itself, of the body and of the emotions with the purpose to improve the perception psico-physics, the ability of expression, the empathy, the trust in itself same and the communicative abilities and report them.
Juvenile Sporting animator that you/they promote the awareness of itself, of the body and of the emotions with the purpose to improve the perception psico-physics, the ability of expression, the empathy, the trust in itself same and the communicative abilities and report them. Juvenile Sporting animator Libertas: specialized operator in the childish and juvenile motor and sporting animation.


The skull-sacred system includes the meninges, the bones of the skull and the sacred, the bands that radiate him from the meninges to all the parts of the body (they surround every nerve and every nervous street) and the liquid mullet-rachidiano, that is produced inside the Central Nervous System.

All these structures pulsate with a symmetrical, balanced and rhythmic (defined rhythm craniale) movement that reflects him to the outside through the structures bandage them, that is connettivali, to all the parts of the body.

The discovery of the system C.S. it goes up again to the beginnings of the 1900 graces to the job of Doctor William Sutherland, osteopata. Sutherland was spellbound from the structure of the bones of the skull, convinced that the structure allowed a movement that didn’t exhaust him with the necessities of the birth and the development in the infancy. It began therefore a series of experiments on itself, using a helmet of his/her invention, with which you/he/she could vary and to check the pressure on the various parts of the skull. His wife collaborated taking note of all the changes that intervened as soon as, from those of the humor to those of coordination. This brought him/it to the conclusion that also existed a cranial movement in the adult.

It developed then manual techniques for the individualization of anomalies in the movement of the skull and for their correction. Unfortunately the time missed they you orchestrate scientific able to prove the truthfulness of his/her job and the prodigious results that succeeded in getting.

In the treatment of the system craniosacrale the operator tries to identify areas of restriction, compression or tension through the body that you/they can prevent a correct operation of the organs, of the muscles, of the nerves, the circulation of the blood and the fabrics of the body in general; these restrictions can be the result of damages, infections, inflammations, emotional tensions or pathologies or you/they can also be caused by compressions happened during the process of birth.

The operator kindly sets his/her hands on the body, identifying the areas of restriction or tensions, and also following the smallest pulsations and movements that manifest him in the skull-sacred system up to that some points of resistance are released, facilitating the return of the fabrics to the equilibrium, helping

The treatment is light, comforting and pleasant and creates a sense of peace, calm and comfort.

It normally stretches us on a bunk from massage, dressed and the very light touch of the hands of the operator is experimented.

The body is immovable and envoy in the condition most comforting possible. A deep sense of relaxation can be warned as to feel phenomena of heat, of pulsation, of something that stirs inside the body or other feelings.

The operator listens through the hands what happens in the body of the client and in this way you/he/she identifies and the tensions and the pains that of it is held back draws.

The treatment CranioSacrale is driven from the client. Its same body directs the rhythm of the job, so you/he/she can remain to his/her ease, and to feel and to integrate the changes that happen.

In this homeostasis Movement Smaller SEEMS very large and very light maneuvers, pressures, holders of the hands of those who make the Privacy craniosacral They piano piano Emergence A feeling of calm deep, quiet sense of peace, Who can define various ways: deep relaxation – alpha rhythm of the brain – come when I’m getting close to sleep and let go the thoughts, bodily tensions, etc. relaxation and body of a when the Answer is in tune with His Own craniosacral rhythm.

The pace Sacral Skull And very slow, with a media of 3-7 cycles per minute, is a harmonizer Powerful, and represents Our own tranquility of Deep Space

E’da this space That part of the arrangement which tends to harmonize, balance, re-align, the Body of Our Facilities.

The craniosacral Treatment And so delicate that it is safe and good for people of all ages and in acute pain conditions or particular fragility; just the craniosacral And often recommended WHEN Other therapies can be risky, come During Pregnancy, AFTER UN operation or accident.

The discipline Craniosacral work towards the psychophysical balance of the person find yourself Because your well-being, stimulating bodily processes Deep Levels That restore balance of the autonomic nervous system; Hormone Production and Capacity Reaction fight / flight rebalances the Reaction To Stimuli stressful and normalizes the body reacts Going Self-awareness and self-healing.

Can Be supportive to issues coming pain of various origins (Postural problems, whiplash, chewing imbalances, bruxism, respiratory disorders and vascular FUNCTIONS, chronic pain, headaches, nervous system imbalances, Outcomes from trauma and accidents ) but also for stress and fatigue.

It replaces diagnosis and medical therapy.